Suede & Leather / Winter Coats


Suede & Leather

If your beloved coat is showing it’s wear but you are concerned about cleaning it you have come to the right place! You should be concerned because while leather and suede are similar in origin they have very different needs when it comes to care and cleaning and they can easily be damaged. That’s why we take extra care to examine your garments and inform you of the best options for making it last and look its best.

During the manufacturing process each part of your jacket may be from a different piece of the animal hide and the tanning process was varied to create consistency. Look carefully to see if some parts have a different texture, feel, or color. Suede will often have more variation by design whereas leather should be more uniform. Despite using the best technology available some slight change in color may be expected and more variations in the fabric can compound changes. Each situation can be unique and we also have special spray dying and additives that can be used to get the best result possible.

If your jacket has any matching components (hood, pants etc)be sure to bring those as well as it best to treat all of them together. Also, if you have special handling instructions that came with the coat let us know.

Winter Coats.

Many winter coats other than leather or suede can go through the normal dry cleaning process without any concern but it is important to follow manufactures instructions. Some down filled coats are in fact better laundered than dry cleaned especially if you want to maintain the original puffy look. Other considerations are the combinations of materials used and the importance of color fastness.